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April and Easter the perfect time of year for Cunnamulla the Outback and Outdoors!

Easter is always a special time of year for me. Not because it’s Easter but I totally love the weather at that time of the year. For me I think it’s the perfect time to enjoy Cunnamulla and Outback Queensland. The temperature while cooler in the mornings and later at night is beautiful during the day. Warm enough for a swim in the day and cool enough to enjoy a campfire at night even if it is just for looking at. Two necessities are insect spray as we have had a flood in the river and the sand-flies are breeding. The other is a fly veil as flies are particularly friendly now.

Looking around Cunnamulla over Easter weekend

What’s Open over Easter in Cunnamulla and When?

It can be a little tricky and sometimes frustrating when travelling over the Easter period to find shops open.

Here’s a few places that will be open in Cunnamulla that should be able to service most if not all your needs.

Accommodation, Restaurant, Bar, Cellarbrations Bottleshop

Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

Good Friday – Closed

Easter Saturday – 10am – 8.30pm

Easter Sunday – 12 Midday – 8pm

Easter Monday – 10am – 8.30pm

Map Directions Link to Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla


Holidays are a time where we all find ourselves chowing down and snacking as we catch up with family and friends. No matter how much we buy there is always something we need!

IGA Mills & Sons Cunnamulla – Groceries, Deli, Bakery, Meat, Fruit & Veg, General Merchandise & Small goods

Good Friday – Closed

Easter Saturday – 9am – 1pm

Easter Sunday – Closed

Easter Monday – 9am – 1pm

Map Directions Link to IGA Mills & Sons Cunnamulla


Fuel cunnamulla easter weekend

As you travel further into the outback you will experience some difficulty in 24 hour accessibility of fuel and petrol stations.  This is particularly frustrating on public holidays as demand is low and wages high.

If you are travelling to or through Cunnamulla and not able to find an open petrol station never fear as Hatchman Petroleum has come to your rescue!

Hatchman Petroleum has a 24/7 fuel card machine so you will never be stuck when travelling. In addition to this the depot is manned on normal days of trading. You can also get your gas replaced!

Directions Link on Google:


Cunnamulla Newsagency has restricted opening hours over the Easter Weekend so make sure you get those lotto's on and be there in time to collect the latest papers.

Good Friday – Closed

Easter Saturday – 9am – 11am

Easter Sunday – 10am– 11am

Easter Monday – Closed

Good Friday Tips for what to do around Cunnamulla

Great Read over Easter Holidays

Good read over Easter Unforgiving

If you are looking to wind down and relax with a great book over Easter weekend we must recommend “Unforgiving” The story of the life and death of Sam. The author is mother Carmel Beresford. Described by Brunette Lenkic* as …’a compelling tale with strong filmic elements..Unembellished language allows the reader’s focus to remain on the dramatic story. The author is especially good at evoking sadness; the raw emotion expressed in the part following Sam’s accident is especially moving. Although it is unusual for the dramatic high-point to occur so early in a memoir, there are confronting revelations in the rest of the work that balance it out. This manuscript tells a powerful story.’

Copies are available for purchase at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla as well as Cunnamulla Newsagency and at Ellie's News Quilpie.

You can also order directly from the author for $39.99 including postage. Order Now!

Recent #Comments

Annabelle Brayley - Australian Outback Storyteller

9 October 2018

Book Review: Unforgiving - The story of the life and death of Sam.

I first read the manuscript of Unforgiving when Sam's mother Carmel Beresford sent it to me last year. I don't know Carmel and, at the time, I was editing Bush Docs with a deadline looming so I shouldn't have even read it but I remembered hearing of Sam's accident back in 2011 and I was curious. Once started, I couldn't not finish...

I read Carmel's newly published book again last week. It is, first and foremost, a love story about an engaging bush lad who clearly still owns the heart of his mother. While it was clearly her intent that the reader should know, I did feel as though I had intruded into her very personal relationship with her youngest son. It felt like a privilege on some level but, just as it did the first time, it left me feeling a bit unsettled.

Unforgiving is also an uncompromising, brutally honest recollection of Sam's terrible accident, subsequent death and the aftermath of that tragedy. It is easy to read but it is, by no means, an easy read. It is a confronting but very compelling glimpse into the often challenging, sometimes funny and occasionally terrifyingly harsh reality of one family's life in remote SW Queensland.

Once again, I couldn't stop reading it...

Details for purchase below...

Krysta Cini to Unforgiving - The Story of the Life and Death of Sam

Having a rum while reading this incredibly heartbreaking yet exceptionally well written book. Only thing missing in this picture is the box of tissues I have been through!

The love and strength Carmel Beresford shows in writing and publishing this book is admirable.

Jo Emery

This is a story no mother should ever have to share. One that describes how her baby was taken not by the hands of fate but by the careless hands the family held as friends and in trust. Carmel Beresford shared her draft manuscript with me some time ago, leaving me with not only the deepest of sorrow but the greatest of hope that truth could be found in the most harsh yet most beautiful landscape of Queensland. I’ve held Carmel in the highest regard as a professional and mother, giving her life to the children in the outback, their families and the land. I hope that Sam’s story brings rain to a drought for not one family, but the many his story will touch. Australian Story

If you have read the book please leave a review, we would love to hear what you think!

Trow a Rug on the Warrego River Banks

As Good Friday is a day where most if not all shops will be shut it’s a great day to throw a picnic rug out on the banks of the Warrego River.  Look for mussels in the mud banks, fish and even yabbies’ to create your own Good Friday feast.

As kids, we would be kept busy for hours searching in the muddy banks of the Warrego for mussels. Catching yabbies’ are also a fun activity for all the family either with a piece of meat tied to a string, with a pot or if you’re tough enough bare hands in the rocks.

Once you have your catch there is a range of ways to cook but if you’re looking to not have much washing up and want to try something different we have a tip.

Pack mud around fish and bake it straight on the hot coals of a campfire.

Once cooked peel the mud off and the skin peels off at the same time leaving the beautiful white flesh.

Spuds are also great wrapped in foil and baked on the coals.

Be sure if you start a fire that you clear the surrounds. Always put out the fire with water as burying a fire often causes severe burns to the next person that comes along. This is most important in the outback as the dense hardwood timbers like Gidyea will remain hot for days.

Get a bit of Salt Bush from the Bushland Gardens.

Include the Fishing holes’ info and maps.

Darby Land Bridge Cunnamulla Eastern Side

Travel through Cunnamulla on Louise Street which will take you directly towards Thargomindah.

Just before you approach the bridge there is a driveway on the right-hand side of the road where you can drive onto the riverbank and fish.

Darby Land Bridge Cunnamulla Western Side

Travel through Cunnamulla on Louise Street which will take you directly towards Thargomindah.

Drive across the bridge and you will see a road directly on your right as you cross.

Take that road and park your vehicle around the tree.

Allan Tannock Weir

Travel along Louise Street and turn left into Garden street (Follow the Warrego Riverside Tourist Park Signs).

Travel past the Cunnamulla Cemetery on your left and follow Weir Road for about 4km.

You will eventually arrive at the weir.

There are many spots both up and down the river where you can fish. 

You may see the locals in the water scooping however we do not recommend as it is extremely dangerous.

If there is water over the weir do not attempt to drive across or you could be in some trouble.

You could also catch yabbies’ in the weir area over the rocks.

Be sure to ask a local and most would be happy to help you out.

You may even find the odd one that will give you part of their catch so be friendly and don’t be shy, it’s not the Outback way.

Map Directions Link to Allan Tannock Weir

A - 8 Mils Hole – Travel along the Old Charleville Road from Cunnamulla and turn off at the bend in the road.

B – 10 Mile Hole – Travel along the Old Charleville Road from Cunnamulla and turn off over the “Killowen Grid”.

C- Tickleman Hole – Travel along the Old Charleville Road from Cunnamulla and turn off just past the house.

D – 22 Mile Hole – Travel along the Old Charleville Road from Cunnamulla and turn off at old gate post before gate.

Cunnamulla Water Tower

The Cunnamulla water tower is currently involved in a massive transformation as artist Guido Van Helten paints a full-size mural around the entire tower.

Each day his vision evolves and sets tongues wagging and cameras on auto pilot as locals and travellers express their thoughts on the work of art.

Local resident Chris Mills said, she can’t wait to see what evolves on the part of the tower that is clearly visible from where she has her morning coffee.

To follow Guido on Facebook

Map Directions Link to Cunnamulla Water Tower cnr Watson & Jane Sts

Paroo Pride photography competition


Deer Foot

Gardens around town

Yapunyah about to flower – Bees

Keep an eye out for Turtles!

Easter Sunday

6pm Sunday Campfire Dinner Club Boutique Hotel

Lunch at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla Easter Weekend

Easter Saturday Cunnamulla Golf and lots more..

Cunnamulla Golf Club Fun Day – All Welcome!

10 Hole 3 Ball Ambrose $10 per player

1.30pm shotgun start

Club house open 12 noon

Sponsored by Cellarbrations @ Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

Directions to Cunnamulla Golf Club

Travel West along Louise street and go over Darby Land Bridge.

At the old sale yards turn right onto Humeburn Road.

At the end of the old sale yards on the right hand side you will see the entry to Cunnamulla Golf Club.

Drive through the grid and follow the road all the way in until you reach the club house.

Once you arrive go upstairs and let someone know you have come to join in and they will get you all sorted.

This is a great fun day out and an excellent way to meet and mix with locals. Whether you are on your own or with a group we highly recommend you join in.

Eulo Gymkanah

Three days of fun. Motorbikes, dust, great food and great company. Head out to the Eulo Sports Grounds. Call into the Eulo Store or Eulo Queen Hotel for directions as there is nothing better than local knowledge.

Art Exhibition “The Four of Us”

There is a great deal of talent involved in the current exhibition at the Regional Art Gallery that is housed in the Cunnamulla Visitor Information Centre. The exhibition is a joint exhibition of four Cunnamulla locals with a range of work on display and for sale. It is totally worth your time to pull in and have a browse.

Good Friday – Closed

Easter Saturday – 9am – 2pm

Easter Sunday – 9am – 2pm

Easter Monday – 9am – 2pm

Map Directions Link to Cunnamulla Visitor Information Centre

Artesian Mud Bath

A trip to the outback is not complete until you have experienced an Artesian Mud Bath.

This is a leading attraction in Outback Queensland and has been voted number two in the world for that type of spa experience.

You can do it on your own or in a group but always ring ahead and book or you will be sadly disappointed.

Club Boutique Hotel Beer & Wine O’Clock

Come in and try our great Cunnamulla Characters Brewed craft beer or some Angove wine. Have a chat, get some local knowledge.

Planning ahead? Check out what’s on around Cunnamulla!

19-21 April - Eulo Gymkhana & Motorbike Sports

21 April 2019 – Trivia Night Noccundra Hotel

25 April 2019 - Anzac Day Cunnamulla

3-6 May 2019 – Barcauldine Tree of Knowledge Festival

10 May 6.30pm – Cunnamulla State School Beyond Broncos Hot Dish Night at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

10-12 May 2019 – Cunnamulla Gun Club May Shoot

16 – 19 May 2019 - Music in the Mulga Wondilla Station Eulo

21-26 May 2019 – Channel Country Quick Shears Shindig Thargomindah

1 June 2019 - Markets @ Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

13 June 2019 - Slim Dusty Day at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

15 June 2019 – Cunnamulla & District Diggers Races

21 June 2019 - Salute the Stars of Yesterday Today Dinner & Show at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

22 June 2019 - All About Country Dinner & Show at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

Sunday Campfire Dinner & Show Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

28 June 2019 - All About Country Dinner & Show at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

29 June 2019 - Salute the Stars of Yesterday Today Dinner & Show at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

5 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

6 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

Mark Porter

7 July 2019 - Blues on the Grass with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

7 July 2019 - Sunday Campfire Dinner

12 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

13 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

14 July 2019 - Blues on the Grass with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

14 July 2019 - Sunday Campfire Dinner & Show Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

16-18 July 2019 - Big Red Bash Birdsville

19 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

20 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

20-21 July Channel Country Music Muster Thargomindah

21 July 2019 - Blues on the Grass with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

21 July 2019 - Sunday Campfire Dinner at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

26 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

27 July 2019 - Boutique Beers & Blues Dinner & Show with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

28 July 2019 - Blues on the Grass with Mark Porter at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

21 July 2019 - Sunday Campfire Dinner

Cunnamulla Road Trip Down Memory Lane With John Hill

JJohn Hill Transport Pty Ltd

John, Jan and Georgie Hill finally took a Cunnamulla road trip down memory lane from Southport to Cunnamulla staying at Club Boutique Hotel and then onto Bourke for some more reminiscing of a bygone era.

Read More


Cunnamulla Beer Brewer In History of Australian Beer

Cunnamulla Beer Brewer, Burton’s Brewery Part of Australia’s History of Beer, Rum and Whisky in (QLD)

The history of beer in Australia dates back to the early days of British colonisation when Sir Captain Cook brought beer with him on his voyage to Australia.

With the first fleet landing in the 18th century, the alcohol industry in Australia begun to expand with the first pub opening up in 1796 in Parramatta, the Mason Arms.

John Boston became Australia’s first official brewer after creating a beer from Indian corn.

Cunnamulla Beer Btrewer

Burtons Brewery Cunnamulla

Beer didn’t make its way up to Queensland until a little later in the 19th century when larger was first brewed at the Castlemaine and Quinlan breweries.

Although larger is common in the modern world, early beers were top-fermented and quick-maturing ales. Lager was not brewed in Australia until 1885 and then brewed in Queensland in 1889. These beers were also brewed missing hops due to the fact no one had successfully refined hops. James Squire become the first in 1804.

The Castlemaine brewery has a long and rich history in Australia.

Situated in Brisbane Queensland, it has produced Australia’s most popular beer, XXXX. The brewery begun in 1878, however really came in to its own after recruiting a master brewer from Germany. Alhois William Leitner used his expertise to solve the cloudy beer problem, keeping beer fresher for longer. The recipe is still used today for XXXX Bitter.

The X’s in XXXX represent the quality of beer, back in the day beers were given an X rating. The breweries first brew was given a XXX rating, however in 1924 the recipe was perfected gaining the fourth X. That same year Mr Fourex was introduced to the world quickly becoming one of Queensland’s most recognised symbols. XXXX also kept the troops hydrated throughout the first and second world war after being distributed around the world. XXXX was often called barbed wire by diggers.

Over time breweries have come and gone throughout Queensland’s vast landscape like Cunnamulla Beer Brewer Burton’s that existed in Cunnamulla in 1885.

A local historian confirmed despite strong demand the locally brewed Cunnamulla beer was not successful due to the bore water.

Burtons Brewery was situated on the banks of the Warrego River on the current Cunnamulla State School Site.

All these years on, broken bottles with the breweries logo on it are still being dug up around the site.

Queensland Brewery also referred to as Bulimba Beer supplied wooden kegs to Club Hotel Cunnamulla in the late 1800’s.

It was another major brewery that opened prior to 1883 changing hands and locations from Teneriffe to Fortiutude Valley. Carlton United Breweries took over the brewery in 1961 and in 1993 the brewery was relocated to Yatla.

In 1940 a somewhat un recorded and forgotten beer riot took place on Brisbane’s Queen street.

The riots took over the streets for six hours after the Government decided to enforce strict liquor regulations. They imposed closing venues at 8:00pm and no trading on Sundays, forcing civilians to take matters into their own hands.

Despite beers popularity, rum quickly became the beverage of choice among settlers and convicts as mentioned in the following convict song.

Cut yer name across me backbone
Stretch me skin across yer drum
Iron me up on Pinchgut Island
From now to Kingdom Come.
I’ll eat yer Norfolk Dumpling
Like a juicy Spanish plum,
Even dance the Newgate Hornpipe
If ye’ll only gimme Rum

Rum experienced rapid growth in the late 18th century and became extremely popular in the 19th eventually becoming a semi official currency of the time. Drunkenness became a huge issue during this time period with even kids often being seen stumbling the streets.

In 1808 the Rum Rebellion became the only ever successful armed take over of Government in Australian history.

Its cause is widely misunderstood, however it is common belief that the autocratic William Bligh was removed as he threatened the massive profits that were being made from trading spirits. This perception suggest it was no more then an argument between unsavoury parties. The Rum Rebellion had a much deeper story and was basically a build up of a long running battle for power and a fight over the future of the colony.

In modern Queensland, rum still remains highly popular with Bundaberg Rum now sweeping the world.

Beenleigh Rum is the states oldest rum, however Bundaberg is by far the most iconic and successful. The Bundaberg Rum distillery began in 1888 because local sugar mills didn’t know what to do with the waste molasses after the sugar was extracted. Men that worked in these mills noticed the potential profits and held a meeting at The Royal Hotel on 1 August 1885 to discuss.

Soon after, Bundaberg produced its first rum in 1889 and continued operation until 1907, when it ceased operation for seven years.

The distillery has had its fair share of set backs with two fires in 1936 and 1939, in which rum spilt in to the near by Burnett River. With clever advertising campaigns, Bundaberg Rum has become an international beverage, winning awards on the global stage for its Master Distillers Collective Rum. Bundaberg Rum has become another Queensland icon, however Whisky falls short of that status.

Queensland isn’t big on Whisky with only one distillery.

The Castel Glen distillery is Queensland’s only whisky manufacturer and produces a number of 100% natural Whisky beverages.

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Albion’s Warrego Sawmill Cunnamulla

In Tribute Bub (Steven) Emery

Thargomindah, Noccundra onto Cunnamulla by Joyce Margaret Cowie

Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride 2018

Cunnamulla Accommodation Live Australia’s Story with Tristan Evert

Top Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

American Twitchers do Cunnamulla in search of Raptors

Cunnamulla Road Trip Down Memory Lane With John Hill

Thargomindah, Noccundra onto Cunnamulla by Joyce Margaret Cowie

As bike riders from the Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike ride 2018 post a photo of them in the Noccundra Hotel it reminded me of a little more history and thought I would share from a good old mate of my Grandmothers, my mothers and mine who is no longer with us.

Joyce Cowie Old Noccundra Hotel

Joyce Margaret Cowie (nee Crouch) was born on December 19, 1912 in Thargomindah with the help of a midwife and was one of ten children of William and Lena Crouch. Her brother, Barney and sister, Kelly (who married a Teelow) were born in the hotel in Eulo that William & Lena Crouch owned at the time, before buying the Noccundra Hotel.

Joyce Cowie

William & Lena Crouch Noccundra Hotel

When the family moved to Noccundra Molly was born in the Noccundra Hotel, then Bill, Harry, Alf, Mavis and Ned were all born at Noccundra in the cottage near the hotel. Read More

Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride 2018

cooper creek to cunnamulla bike ride 2018

Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride 2018 Connecting 158 Years of History

On Thursday 9th August 1906 two young men named Liddle & Beckett arrived in Cunnamulla as part of their attempt to cycle round the world and all because they loved adventure. 24 year old Liddle was from the Orkney Islands Scotland and 19 year old Beckett from England.

They duo relied mostly on the generosity of people to feed and accommodate them as they travelled. It is no surprise they were met in Cunnamulla with open arms by Mr. E Tindsall of Tattersall’s Hotel who provided their board and lodging during their stay. From Cunnamulla they journeyed via Charleville Blackall, Barcauldine, Longreach, Hughenden, and Cooktown, and then proceeded down the coast to Sydney, where they took a boat for New Zealand, and subsequently Tasmania, then returning to Sydney, Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide, and Fremantle.

Saturday 21 April 2018 a group of about fifty cyclers set off for Cooper Creek, Noccundra to participate in the Cooper Creek to Cunnamulla Bike Ride 2018 which will take place 21 – 25 April 2018.

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Cunnamulla Accommodation Live Australia’s Story with Tristan Evert

Cunnamulla Accommodation Story G’day everyone, my name’s Tristan Evert and I’m the newest addition to the Out the Back Australia team which includes the heritage Club Boutique Hotel top quality Cunnamulla Accommodation. I am a qualified journalist after completing a degree in journalism at Griffith University on the sunny, Gold Coast.  I was born and raised on the Gold Coast, however have enjoyed numerous travels west to Queensland’s Outback, with family in both Cunnamulla and Winton.  This fun outback travel has inspired me to share the many unbelievable, authentic outback adventures I have had.

I am passionate about sport and travel and I will use my skill and love of writing to take you on a journey to Outback Queensland to live Australia’s Story by unearthing the history.  On the way I will share the secret locations, the best adventures and the biggest characters Outback Queensland and Cunnamulla has to offer starting with members of my own family.

Full of knowledge that births from a rich history in the far reaches of the Australian outback.

It is quite amazing when you discover that two locations in Queensland’s Outback that are close to the heart of my family being Winton and Cunnamulla have strong links going back to the late 1800’s and here is a little about this Australian Story.

My great great grandparents, Catherine O’Rioden and William Robert Clayton were both drovers that toured the rugged landscape of Australia with regular routes from Wellington in New South Wales to Boulia in Queensland. Originally from Ireland, Ms O’Rioden boarded a ship in sight of Australia out of desperation, however was shipwrecked in the red sea. She was rescued and given a job in the North Gregory Hotel Winton when she met another Irish lady named Norah Howard who was the owner of the Boulia Hotel.  Later Mrs Howard wrote to Catherine inviting her to move to Boulia and work for her at the Boulia Hotel.  Catherine quickly accepted and made the journey to Boulia and this is where she met William Robert Clayton and married.

The pair called Bourke, Hungerford, Thargomindah and Cunnamulla home as they travelled constantly around, running hotels and droving cattle for themselves and others. At one stage they were droving 500 head of cattle towards Bourke when they ran into the legendary Sir Sidney Kidman,’ who offered them a fortune for their cattle.  Over the years they had many encounters with Sir Sidney Kidman as they drove cattle for him and sold him a property they owned including Currawinya which is now a national park and great tourist attraction.  My great Grandmother often recalled conversations between her father and Sir Sidney with one being a tongue lashing to her father as her brother Bill was riding in a saddle with a broken tree.  When you hear stories of the legendary Sir Sidney Kidman you instantly get an image of a big strong man however Gran often recalled that Sir Sydney had a really squeaky voice and was small.

Born in Bourke, my great grandmother Margaret Clayton (nee Emery) grew up on the droving trails, sleeping under the stars every night, a real kid of the outback. There were not many if any luxuries and they made a new camp every night which was deemed upmarket if there was a kitchen made from Gidyea posts and old kerosene tins.  In school we were taught history that often included bushrangers however my great Grandmother Margaret and her mother actually lived much of Australia’s Story and would often reminisce about having tea with the Mrs Hall, the wife (or ex wife) of famous bushranger Ben Hall.

A regular route was from Bourke to Thargomindah via Hungerford and back in those days Hungerford the town located on the boarder gate between New South Wales and Queensland had two hotels.  Margaret was 15 and had just completed her schooling at the Catholic School in Bourke when her mother Catherine purchased the Commercial Hotel in Hungerford.  At the time it was busy with high numbers of drovers, shearers, bullockies, Cobb & Co Coaches and swagies making their way for work.  Today the hotel is long gone and only the Royal Mail Hotel stands in what has become an isolated and quiet place on the boarder gate.  This may well be where her granddaughter Peieta Mills drew her inspiration to re-open and renovate the historic Cunnamulla accommodation at Club Boutique Hotel that often hosted royalty.

At age 17 Margaret drew a Thargomindah property in a ballot and the family settled and worked it.  At the age of 26 Margaret Clayton married Steven Emery, from Thargomindah whom was known to everyone as Bub. The Emery family were know as mail contractors running mail trucks all around the district which was often referred to as ball bearing droving.  Together Gran & Grandad Bub had five children, Peg Campbell (nee Emery), Tom Emery, Elsie Burke (nee Emery), June Evert (nee Emery) who is my Grandmother and Chris Mills (nee Emery) who is Peieta’s mother.  In 1943 the family moved to Cunnamulla, where Bub began operating his own mail runs and developed a wool carting business. Margret became well known to all in Cunnamulla and was fondly called Gran by many. A true outback icon that spent her 96 years of life in the outback.

This diverse and extensive outback family history provides me with an extremely unique insight into outback culture, characters and life that I will enjoy sharing with my audience via my Tristan Evert Journalist articles. Full of amazing tales and adventurous stories, you will be left wanting more.

I come from a long line of country icons that have done some extraordinary things. I am an Evert and the Evert family were explorers, trail blazers and innovators with a passion for Australia, Outback Queensland and the Queensland town of Winton.   My great uncle Vince Evert was a visionary, originally the owner and picture show man, running one of the last open air theatres in Australia before furthering his enormous passion for open cut opal mining. He took the opal and travelled around the world, realising the enormous potential in over seas markets. He visited places like Japan and America showcasing opal and slowly creating the company now known as Evert Fine Jewellery. In the early days he would often bring people from all around the world to his fields and give them the outback Queensland experience, an early example of outback tours.

Vince, as well as his two brothers Neale and Peter are famous for promoting outback Queensland and they saw opal as an opportunity to bring people out. The trio journeyed all over the outback promoting tourism in their home town of Winton as the future that would keep the bush alive. No one believed Vince but he had tremendous vision and faith and because he was so highly regarded people followed his lead. Vince has since passed on but has a prestigious tourism award named after him, the Outback Tourism Queensland Association’s Vince Evert Award. Not only the Evert side of the family are prominent in outback Queensland, my other side of the family also hosts some quite spectacular outback figures and characters.

You can expect scandals, love, loss, war, peace, struggles, achievement, adventures, history characters and progress. Everything that makes the outback great, that unbreakable spirit, amazing country mateship and a never give up fight for survival.

Something that everyone should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. If you’re searching for an unbelievable, authentic outback adventure then come on this written journey with me until you are inspired to make your own booking into the Club Boutique Hotel the best Cunnamulla accommodation along the way. Meet the locals, experience nature and discover the wonderful secrets of Cunnamulla and Outback Queensland.

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Top Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

If great service and all the extra comforts you could wish for are appealing then the place to stay in Cunnamulla during the annual Cunnamulla Fella Festival is Club Boutique Hotel. 

Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla offers top Cunnamulla accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival and other events held in the area.  You can guarantee you will get a great night sleep in our beautiful comfy beds with fluffy cloud like pillows and pristine five star bed linen.

Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

Club Boutique Hotel is the most luxurious Cunnamulla accommodation and is perfectly located in the center of the Cunnamulla CBD making it the perfect home base.  

Just five minutes walk to all major attractions in Cunnamulla you can securely park your car, have a cold drink in the hotel bar or restaurant and walk to all the Cunnamulla Fella festival events in a matter of minutes.

Word has spread about the great country hospitality offered at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla and during the festival it becomes a fun hub to meet and mix with other travellers, rodeo riders and locals.Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

With beautiful gardens, a large verandah that wraps around the front of the hotel and a great restaurant Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla is a great place to meet friends, dine or simply chill out between events at Cunnamulla Fella Festival.  

Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

Wake up in time to view the perfect outback sunrise or enjoy a beer or glass of wine while taking in the sunset.

Saturday will provide the perfect festival and market atmosphere as locals sell their wares around the hotel including bric a brac, antiques and collectables, home made cakes, slices tarts, jams and chutney.  The perfect gift or souvenir to take home and they are guaranteed Yum!

Local musician Rueben Birchley will create the perfect backdrop sharing his musical talents as he sings and plays the guitar and Ukulele.  Originally from Brisbane some say that music is in fact in the blood of this primary school teacher.  The son of a concert pianist and music teacher, Reuben began playing the cello at age 8, the guitar at 13 and, since those times, has a huge range of genres including hip-hop anthems, pop songs, rock and folk ballads.

So remember if your looking for the best outback adventure on your travels book Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival 2018!

Craft Beer Tasting Cunnamulla

The craft beer tasting Cunnamulla night at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla offered a variety of James Squire and/or Little Creatures beers paired with matching cheeses.

Each guest was able to purchase a paddle of four beers at a time and learn about the brewery history, beer making techniques and flavours of each beer. Additionally there were notes relating to each cheese and why it suited different types of beer. Customers were able to develop their palates and maybe even find their new favourite beer.

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