7 places you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds.

There are plenty of ways to travel to outback, 5-star luxury resorts, budget accommodation, caravanning, and of course camping! It might be the least luxury way of travel, but we think it’s a great way to experience the outback for everything it is! To make your travels to Cunnamulla easier we have put together a list of 7 places you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds.

Club Boutique Hotel

We know that camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Which is why Club Boutique Hotel offers a range of accommodation options for every traveller! You can begin by viewing our glamping blog to find out all the juicy information on our glamping tent. We can guarantee glamping will make the cut, it’s simple but glamorous, the perfect mix!

If that is still not quite lush enough for you, you can try Club Boutiques 1- and 2-bedroom luxury suites and we are positive they will be the perfect amount of comfortable and indulgent. We have every type of traveller covered, that’s for sure. You can book any of our accommodation options here. We understand that some prefer the simple life and that is why we have popped together this list of 7 place you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds.    

There are many different styles of camping, rugged bush camping in a swag or tent, sleeping in a van, and of course caravanning! Caravan Parks can often make it feel like you aren’t camping at all, they have great cooking facilities, the option for power, usually a shower and are often close to the town centre. They are a perfect option if the ‘swag under the stars’ on the side of the road isn’t for you! There are 3 caravan Parks included in our list of 7 places you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds, all with fantastic facilities and with their own notable qualities.

1. Cunnamulla and Warrego Riverside Tourist Park

Warrego River Tourist Park is located right on the Warrego River at 322 Weir Rd, Cunnamulla. The river is one of the most picturesque landscapes in Cunnamulla and surrounds, and the caravan park is no different. It recently went under some renovation and is now home to some of the most fantastic facilities and amenities we’ve seen at a caravan park! The grounds are littered with lemon, pomegranate, limes and Kumquats trees. The gardens and lawns are perfectly manicured. Gorgeous roses and an array of herbs such as rosemary, chives, and basil for your picking. The caravan park is located about 3km from the town centre, you can view the map below for some directions. You can also find further information and booking details on the official website.

2. Cunnamulla Tourist Park and Cabins

No. 2 of 7 places you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds is Cunnamulla Tourist Park and Cabins. Located closer to the town centre of Cunnamulla, at 65 Watson Street, it’s a great spot if you prefer walking the town! They offer powered and unpowered sites as well as cabins if you prefer a night indoors. They have plenty of facilities including BBQ’s, a laundry, camp fire, free WI-FI, and a camp kitchen. You can refer to their website for booking and prices. The map below will provide you with accurate directions to the Caravan Park.  

65 Watson Street Cunnamulla

3. Cunnamulla Cabins and Caravan Park

The last caravan park we have included on the list is Cunnamulla Cabins and Caravan Park. Also located closer to town, a spacious and budget caravan park with powered, unpowered sites including some with ensuite showers. Additionally, they have the option of $10 bush camping if you’re looking for a cheap and convenient spot to set up.  You will have access to facilities such as the camp kitchen, BBQ area and fire pit. If you are interested in upgrading for the night, they also offer a variety of budget rooms, cabin’s, cottages and motel accommodation. You can browse the different types of accommodation, available dates and booking details here

79 Emma Street Cunnamulla

Not everyone is a rugged camper, but we would recommend trying it at least once! You can’t beat the serenity of a secluded campsite or sleeping under the stars! We’ve included a few spots that are a little less luxury and a little more outback style in our list of 7 places you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds. Have a look below;

4. Mannbo’s Find

Can’t get much more basic than this! Located off the Mitchell HWY, Coongoola, QLD (map below) is Mannbo’s Field. Put simply it’s a red dirt field with plenty of trees and shrubs. It is the perfect place for an outback experience under the stars. Off the beaten track, peaceful and quiet, and the sky filled with stars, a place only for the adventurous! There are no facilities at this campground so you must be self-sufficient. It is important to leave the site as you found it, making sure to take your rubbish with you. The grounds are free to stay, pet friendly and accessible to motorbikes, RV’s, camper trailers and caravans . It won’t be the perfect spot for everyone but certainly for those bold enough to try a real outback camping experience!

5. Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 17km North-West of Cunnamulla. We have included exact directions and an accompanying map below to make finding the site as easy as possible. First things first, Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary is only open from March to October each year. It is most commonly used by keen bird watchers from across the country. Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary is home to over 200 species of bird life! A full list of bird species is provided at the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary offers powered and unpowered sites, caravan sites, cooking and amenity facilities. Alternatively, you can stay in the sheering quarters which accommodates up to 11 people in 6 bedrooms. Bookings are essential at Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary and should be done in advance. You can call the team on (07) 4655 1238 or you can read further information and book via the website here

Keep an eye out on Club Boutique Hotel’s blog page in the coming weeks for an additional blog spilling on the best places to go bird watching in the Cunnamulla area.

6. May’s Bend

May’s Bend is 11km North of Bourke, a little on the outer region of Cunnamulla. However, we thought it was a notable addition considering last week’s blog was a 7 day itinerary from Sydney to Cunnamulla. With Bourke featuring as an included stop-over point. This may just be the campsite you were looking for on the journey. May’s Bend is a free campsite that is accessible to all vehicle types. Tent camping is permitted, and it is pet friendly as well. The campground is located right on the Darling River making for a great swimming spot to cool off in, fishing is also allowed. Additionally, you can enjoy a fire and there is plenty of birdlife to watch here too! There is no drinking water available so ensure you have enough before setting up camp. Directions from both Bourke and Cunnamulla are outlined on the maps below.

7. Charlotte Plains

Finally, our last campground to make the list of 7 places you can camp in Cunnamulla and surrounds is Charlotte Plains. You may be familiar with Charlotte Plains already as it features on this year’s outback QLD tourist magazine with the below iconic image.

Charlotte Plains is a family owned and operated sheep station 45km East of Cunnamulla, they offer powered and unpowered sites or the option of the shearer’s quarters with 8 rooms available. One of Charlotte Plains notable facilities is the porcelain bath aka artesian baths, located on the property. You can sit and soak in the mineral enriched water spilling from the artesian bore. A truly iconic and unique experience to the Outback. You can find out more information on charlotte plains here.

Lastly, we would like to recommend a wonderful tool if you are camping your way around Outback QLD or camping anywhere across Australia. Some of the more rugged / less developed campgrounds on this list were found via the Wiki-Camps mobile app. This app provides you with exceptional information on thousands of camping spots across Australia, many of which are free to stay at. You can search via location and are able to download the maps to use offline which is perfect for when you are looking for campgrounds in the outback. The app is a once off payment of AUD$7.99 and may be a worthwhile investment if you are a regular camper looking for different campgrounds around Australia.

Written by Belinda Johnston
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7-day Outback road trip from Sydney to Cunnamulla

There is no doubt Sydney is a popular tourist destination, so we’ve made it easy for you to hop, skip and jump your way to Cunnamulla from Sydney with our 7-day Outback road trip! We have put together a short and sweet itinerary for those with limited time and who want to experience a 7-day Outback road trip from Sydney to Cunnamulla. Keep an eye out over the coming months if you are looking for a longer itinerary encompassing some additional outback locations. However, if you’re on a mission to get from A to B, and quickly, this one’s for you!

On your first day of travel we suggest leaving Sydney relatively early in the morning to ensure you make the most of the daylight to explore the regions along the way. 8am would be the best time to leave to ensure that you can comfortable fit in the day’s activities.

We recommend enjoying your first day in the Blue Mountains, an hour’s drive just outside of Sydney. It feels more like 10hours, the serenity of the ranges is beautiful, and the scenery is breath taking. Certainly, a perfect first stop on your journey.

There is no better way to start your holiday then a swim! Wentworth Falls is a waterfall with a beautiful swimming hole at the base. The walk down can be a little difficult and is estimated to take around an hour to complete. A quick dip is the ultimate way too cool off! It is the most amazing spot to enjoy reading a book, relaxing among the trees and soaking up the peace and quiet. We recommend allowing 2.5 Hours for the walk and swim.  Some of the walking tracks in this area are currently closed as they undergo repairs. The maintenance is due to finish very soon and you can check for the reopening dates here.

After you have enjoyed a relaxing morning, you can’t move through the Blue Mountains without a stop at one of the iconic lookouts. The incredible sights from Cahills Lookout are certainly worth the stop and the perfect place to snap a picture. If you’re interested in another small walk you can continue onto Narrow Neck Plateau and Peckman’s Plateau, around a 40minute return walk. We would allocate 2 hours if you are interested in checking out both lookout points.

Cahills Lookout

The town of Bathurst is approximately 1hr 20min drive on from Cahills Lookout and we suggest staying a night or 2 in Bathurst as it has plenty to offer. Especially if you have managed to time your trip with Bathurst’s event of the year, the ‘Bathurst 1000’, you are in for a treat! The V8 supercars event is on in October each year and you can find out all the juicy details here. We have heard it can be a pretty wild week!

While the event is only held once a year, it doesn’t stop you getting among the action for the remainder of the year. Except this time, you can get behind the wheel yourself! Mt Panorama Motor Racing Circuit is a street circuit, meaning you have access to the track any day of the week, speed limits do apply though! A great way to get the track experience when you can’t make the race!

Bathurst in Autumn brings a new meaning to the word beautiful! If you are a keen photographer or just a sucker for beautiful red, orange and yellow colours ‘Old Highway at Meadow Flat is your spot! Words can’t do it justice, the colours on the trees are phenomenal. Mayfield Gardens in Bathurst is another notable mention, while the gardens are incredible in Autumn, they hold their beauty year-round and are certainly a perfect spot for lunch before you hit the road again to continue to Cunnamulla.

Old Highway at Meadow Flat

After spending 2 days in Bathurst we suggest travelling onto Narromine to spend your next evening, the drive is 230km, approx. 3-hour drive. Alternatively, if you’re interested in a small detour and have a little bit of extra time on your hands, Dubbo is a great alternative to spend the day and night! To do this, instead of heading to Narromine, head in the direction Take the Mitchell HWY A32 towards Dubbo. Refer to the map below.

If you decide to detour to Dubbo it will add an additional 20-30km onto your trip.

Dubbo has some great attractions such as Taronga Western Plains Zoo and the Dubbo Gaol. The Zoo has an overnight camping experience where you will “uncover the secret, after hours life of the Zoo with the help of a Zoo Host. Enjoy a tasty Australian barbecue dinner, continental breakfast and two-day entry to the Zoo”.  The perfect option for a family! You can find out further information and book the experience here.

The following morning, head from Narromine to Bourke. A slightly longer stretch of travel but it will make for a fun filled afternoon in Bourke. As your driving this stretch it is astonishing to imagine the land and the experiences someone would be having in this area 150 years ago! Imagine the differences in the conditions and the roads. There were merely wheel tracks through the scrub. Bullock wagons, horse wagons and camel trains would be making their way to Bourke. Drovers would be moving large mobs of sheep and cattle across the arid land and desolate land. It is hard to imagine how challenging the era would have been to perform what are now simple tasks. It will certainly highlight the toughness of the outback!

There is nothing more spectacular than sunset in the outback! Mt Oxley is a short 40-minute drive from Bourke and is a well-known spot for its sunsets and an ideal spot for an iconic outback shot! Refer to the map below for directions to enjoy golden hour on Mt Oxley.

Mt Oxley Sunset

You’re now on the final stretch of your 7-day Outback road trip from Sydney to Cunnamulla! We might be bias but it’s certainly our favourite part. Bourke to Cunnamulla. This was once the main thorough fair for all people travelling. Sydney was the major city and all freight was taken via this route. At that time this part of Queensland was part of NSW. The rail being developed from Brisbane to Cunnamulla changed this and Brisbane became the main port!

We suggest a mid-morning departure, not too late that you will miss quality time in Cunnamulla but also not to early that you will be battling the roo’s. You can refer to our recent blog for some additional travel tips on the outback roads so you are staying safe! It will take you approximately 3hrs of travel from Bourke to Cunnamulla, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon.

Between Barringun and Cunnamulla you will pass many historical properties including Tinnenburra Station once owned by James Tyson, Australia’s first self-made millionaire. Tyson built the world’s largest shearing shed of that time on Tinnenburra, he shore almost half a million sheep each year and at one stage loaned the Queensland Government 500,000 pounds.

Today you will see a string of properties signed as SLM which is a large aggregation funded by a Dutch superannuation company mainly females in the medical industry. SLM do strip grazing or cell grazing as well as now promoting Cunnamulla Camel Co. Make sure you call in at Club Boutique Hotel for a cold Cunnamulla Characters Brew and ask for some info. Closer to Cunnamulla you will see high fences and this is cluster fencing or exclusion fencing another thing you can ask about while enjoying a coldie.

Luckily for you, we also know a really great place to rest your head 😉 and we have heard it offers a range of activities, knowledge and incredible food too! Club Boutique of course, you can book here. Since we also know that deciding what to do while on holiday can be tricky, we compiled the best way to spend 72hrs in Cunnamulla in another great blog, we promise you won’t be bored for a second! We can’t wait to see you at Club Boutique soon, and we know will you enjoy your 7-day Outback road trip from Sydney to Cunnamulla.

Written by Belinda Johnston : www.b-social-management.com


Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s! You’d be wild not to stop for a cold one at these beauties!

We’ve compiled a list of Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s. They have all the essentials, friendly folk, cold beer, a good pub feed and a place to rest your head!

Birdsville Hotel

Located in none other than Birdsville QLD. Some have labelled it Australia’s most iconic pub, (were not sold just yet, there’s some solid contesters on this list)! However, most iconic or not, it’s one you wouldn’t want to miss. The Birdsville Pub was built in 1884 and was Heritage listed in 1992, its history is invaluable. However, it’s existence was not always smooth sailing, the pub has endured some of Queensland’s wildest weather, including fires, sandstorms, cyclones and floods. The story is fascinating and one you should visit to learn!

We think that the Birdsville Hotel’s character is what makes it one to remember. Some of its most memorable traits include the “Hard Yards” Hat wall/ceiling. A commemorative gesture to those who have put in the hard work to contribute to Birdsville in a positive way. The criteria being they must have “achieved at least one year of unbroken service” and are then invited to hang their hat inside the Birdsville Pub. A section is also dedicated to remembering those who have since passed and left a positive mark in the community. If you’re heading to Birdsville for the Big Red Bash, Birdsville Races or just ‘because’, Birdsville Pub is certainly a great place for a cold one!

Betoota Pub

Betoota is probably most well known for having a population of 0. Simon Remienko was the owner of the Betoota Pub for over 40 years, after he passed away in 2004, the town became uninhabited. The pub remained as the one and only structure of the ghost town.

In 2014, based in Sydney, a satirical online newspaper was started. It was named “The Betoota Advocate” the paper was extremely successful and has been a positive impact on the town, with many only learning of the town’s existence from the viral sensation of ‘The Betoota Advocate’. It is now a popular spot to stop for fans of the online newspaper.

In 2017 the Pub was purchased by a new owner Robbo Haken who began renovations in the hope of re-opening. It has been a lengthy road to get the pub to legally re-open but it’s well under way! It is not ready yet, but you can stay up to date with the grand opening here. Even if the pub hasn’t opened, it’s a truly unique experience to visit the town so we are sure it will be even more enjoyable when the beer is flowing! It’s saying something if the pub isn’t open yet and it still made our Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s list!

Club Boutique Hotel

Located in Outback Cunnamulla, Club Boutique Hotel boasts charm and authenticity! You can stay in luxury hotel suites or even try your luck with glamping. Club Boutique is one of Cunnamulla’s oldest hotels. The walls are lined with history (literally) The photos span from one wall to the next starting in black and white and as time travels on the coloured pictures appear! 

Club Boutique owner Pieta Mills knows more about the town of Cunnamulla and it’s surrounds than you’d find in an Encyclopedia! Pieta offers town tours to learn about not only the club’s history but the rich history and heritage of Cunnamulla.

Club Boutique offers craft Beer and Wine tasting, has a full dine in restaurant attached, where nothing short of gourmet meals are served for lunch and dinner. This year it turned into an entertainment restaurant for 6 weeks, with acts travelling from  across the country to perform. The entertainment restaurant was a huge success and will be back next year from the 1st of June through to the end of July, with some fantastic acts in store.  

In addition, Every Sunday evening Club Boutique hosts a campfire dinner by the fire. Enjoy country tunes, a roast dinner and shared stories by the fire. It’s a genuine outback experience and certainly our favourite on the Outback Queensland’s most iconic Hotel’s and Pub’s list!

North Gregory Hotel

Winton, renowned for its dinosaur fossils and opal mining, is home to the North Gregory Hotel. The original hotel was opened in 1879. One of the Hotel’s claims to fame it is known to be the first place “Waltzing Matilda” was played by Bajo Patterson as he was passing through in 1895. As all Aussie know “Waltzing Matilda” went on to be referred to as Australia’s unofficial anthem.

It is also known that meetings held at the North Gregory were the start of a little something called QANTAS too! The North Gregory’s history is rich, and it still has plenty to offer. Today you can learn about the swagman, with an ‘immersive theatre show’ around the campfire that’s aired every day at the North Gregory.

The North Gregory Hotel also offers themed dinner nights every Monday through to Saturday with a different theme each night, be sure to check their website for updated details. Lastly the hotel is known for its fun filled “Sundays at the Gregory” It’s essentially a party every Sunday! There is food, drinks, games, and of course quality people. Be sure to include the North Gregory Hotel on your trip to Outback Queensland. 

Walkabout Creek Hotel

Nothing screams ‘Iconic Australia” like Crocodile Dundee…right?? Weather you answer yes or no, Walkabout Creek Hotel, Mckinlay, makes the list. Known for and made famous by it’s inclusion as part of the set of the Paul Hogan film “Crocodile Dundee” released in 1986.

It is a popular spot to stop and snap a picture amongst the memorabilia while you are hit with a big case of nostalgia. Not only can you have a beer at the same bar as “Mick Dundee” but you can check out his ‘Never Never Safari Tours’ truck from the set! The Hotel has basic room accommodation or camping, serving lunch and dinner and of course cold beer!

A trip through Outback Queensland wouldn’t be the same without stopping at one (or all) of these iconic Outback Pubs! If you have already been, let us know your favourite in the comments!

Club Boutique Hotel Entertainment Recap!

Club Boutique Hotel Entertainment has had an incredible 6 weeks, too good not to share we thought! Our restaurant entertainment has been some of the outback’s finest and we want you to know about it!  

A few weeks ago, you would’ve caught the blissful sounds of our musicians Michael Fix and Luca Stricagnoli. Both exceptionally talented and a true delight for our diners and guests.

The following week we had the pleasure of hosting Glenn Shorrock, Peter (Pip) Joyce, Jason Vorherr (Tours with Darryl Braithwaite as guitarist and back-up singer might we add) and of course Stuart Wilkinson who tours and plays piano for Ross Wilson. Their pilots we even a part of the band! With John Morrison on Guitar / Drums and Jake Barden on the sax! They joined in on an impromptu jam session and wow, were we and the other guests impressed, not to mention lucky! We had front row seats. When they departed, they left us feeling charmed and proud, mentioning that they felt so welcome and comfortable at Club Boutique Hotel they wished they could stay every night, it was wonderful to hear their feedback. 

Stay tuned for Club Boutique Hotel Entertainment to come, we have some exceptional talent on the way! We can’t wait to see you soon.


Your Guide to the 2019 Cunnamulla Fella Festival

Whether you’re a seasoned festival goer or a first timer this blog will take you through the Who What When Where and Why of the Cunnamulla Fella Festival! The 2019 Cunnamulla Fella Festival is not to be missed, and this year it’s more jam packed than ever with activities, education, food, family fun and of course the rodeo! So you don’t miss out on a thing we’ve put together this guide to the 2019 Cunnamulla Fella Festival.


Who will be there you ask!? None other than top entertainers, singers, performers, you name it! The likes of, Cathy Drummond, Dani Young, Red Neck Gentleman, Adam Brand, Cosentino, Country Horizon Duo and Ashton Entertainment. If that’s not enough there will be plenty of kids, adults, couples, singles, locals, travellers, bull riders, circus performers,  horses, cattle and other furry friends. In other words, EVERYONE, will be there so we suggest you be there to!


What’s on at the Cunnamulla festival this year? The list of Activities is endless, but our top picks are:

Singalongs: A favourite of everyone’s and there’s plenty to go around! There will be different musical events each day and often more than one a day. Check the official schedule to see who tickles your fancy! 

Sumo Wresting: No explanation needed here. Sumo wrestling will take place Thursday the 29th of August at 1pm at the Cunnamulla Library.

Rodeo School: While it may not get your skills up to scratch to ride in this year’s Rodeo, it might just get you well on your way to riding next year. Get tips from the pro’s and get ready for a whole lot of fun. Rodeo school will be held Wednesday 28th, Thursday the 29th and Friday the 30th at 3pm, John Kerr Park.

Kids Circus Workshop: If you’d rather learn the circus act’s than watch them this is the spot for you. Learn the tricks of the trade and challenge your friends! Taking place on the Wednesday 28th and Thursday the 29th at Cunnamulla Town Centre from 3pm – 4pm.

Globe of Death and Circus Acts: After attempting the circus tricks there no better step to perfecting them than watching the experts. Globe of Death and Circus Acts will be on at 7pm the 28th at Cunnamulla Town Centre. Additional Circus acts will be on Friday the 30th at 10am and Saturday the 31st from 9am – 1pm.


Sheep Shearing Display: If you want a truly outback experience, we suggest putting this one at the top of your list, an iconic Australian display. To be held at the Cunnamulla Town Centre from 9am – 1pm on Saturday the 31st.


Wood Chopping Challenge: You may have to split your time between this and the sheep shearing display to witness this showcase of strategy and strength! Cheer on the wood choppers from 9am – 1pm Saturday the 31st.  

Rodeo: A night of pure talent and EPIC stacks! You’ve not had the full country experience until you’ve watched the crazy action of a rodeo. There no better one than the Cunnamulla fella festival rodeo. It will be kicking off at 6pm on Friday night the 30th of August at John Kerr Park.

Fireworks: Have we saved the best for last? We will let you decide! Our moneys on the rodeo 😉 However the fireworks come in close second. No better way to send off the night than with a fireworks display. Starting at 10pm Saturday the 31st at John Kerr Park! We look forward to lighting up the sky!

Please see the full list and current schedule of what’s on to be sure you don’t miss a thing and stay up to date with any changes. You can purchase your tickets on the official website .


Pre-Festival activities and entertainment began the 24th of August and go through until tomorrow, Thursday the 29th. The Main event “The 2019 Cunnamulla Fella Festival” runs from Friday the 30th of August to Sunday the 1st of September.


Lucky for you there’s so much fun to be had the festival is located all over town. From the 29th August to the 1st of September, the main festivities are being held at John Kerr Park, Cunnamulla Town Centre and Eulo Hotel. As for the pre festival activities they will be hosted at various locations including; The bowls club, Cunnamulla Bushlands, Cunnamulla showgrounds, Cunnamulla Library, Cunnamulla top tourist Park, Cunnamulla cabins and caravan park, Cunnamulla town hall and Yowah,  Be sure to check the online schedule for where each specific event is located.


We’d rather ask you WHY NOT?? Enjoy a long weekend (or week) among friends, family and locals while sharing in all that Cunnamulla has to offer. It’s a culturally rich experience with many activities for all. You will leave after the Festival wanting more and we will be sure to see you every year following! Come and enjoy the fun!

Lastly, just between you and me…. we have inside info on the best place to stay and rest your head for the weekend! With all it’s usual charm and more, Club Boutique Hotel is ready to make your Cunnamulla Fella Festival trip even more memorable! Come home to your comfortable 1-bedroom rooms, 2-bedroom suite’s or luxury glamping tent. We will leave that choice up to you! Book here. See you soon!


How to get the most out of 72 hours in Cunnamulla! What to see, what to do and where to eat and drink!

Well firstly, I will say you should spend more than 72 hours in Cunnamulla! There is so much to see, do and amazing friendships to be made! However, we wanted to provide a jam-packed itinerary for those who may be pushed for time and need to know the best way to spend 3 days in Cunnamulla and it’s surrounds! So, buckle up and get ready to sleep for a day or two after spending these 3 days in Cunnamulla!

What to do:

Attend a Festival:

One of the things this beautiful country town is well known for is the Cunnamulla Fella and what better way to spend your 72 hours in Cunnamulla than celebrating with a festival. The Cunnamulla Fella festival to be precise. Every August (yes August is just around the corner, time get planning) Cunnamulla is host to a vibrant, country, family friendly and fun filled festival! Its packed with history, rides, workshops and of course a rodeo! It is the perfect way to see everything Cunnamulla has to offer in just a short time. This year the festival runs from 30th – 31st of August. We will be doing a full blog on the festival in the upcoming weeks so keep your eye out for that to help with your planning. Whether you time your visit with the festival or not keep reading for some other amazing activities to fill your 72hrs (or more) in Cunnamulla! For additional information you can check out the official website.

Visit The Cunnamulla Fella Statue

If you can’t line up your trip with the festival, no need to stress you can still get your dose of Cunnamulla Fella History! A must stop location is the Cunnamulla Fella Statue. The Cunnamulla Fella is a song written by Stan Coster and sung by Slim Dusty, a tribute to the Aussie stockman.  Located in front of the Paroo Shire Hall on Jane Street, It’s the perfect place to get that tourist snap.  Pair this with a town tour, through Club Boutique Hotel, learn the in-depth story of the Cunnamulla fella and the statue as well as the history of the different areas, buildings and sights of the town.


Kayak The Warrego River

The Warrego River flows through Cunnamulla and is a magical, picturesque, wildlife filled water system with so much to offer. One of the best ways to really immerse yourself in its beauty is to kayak on the river itself. Spend the morning, afternoon or all day paddling up the river stopping on the various banks along the way to take it all in. You can take a guided tour with Club Boutique Hotel or hire your own kayak and go at your own pace. Gum tree’s, Yapunyahs and Coolabah’s grow along the river banks and provide shade along your paddle. They create eerie yet beautiful scenery over hanging the water and are home to some incredible bird life. A photographer’s delight! Take a packed picnic and enjoy the serenity and the river banks all to yourself.

Sand Boarding

One for the family! While you’ve more than likely heard of snow-boarding, chances are you are wondering just what ‘sand’ boarding entails. If you are imagining snow-boarding on a sand hill you are pretty spot on. While our sand boards aren’t quite as complex as a snow board, they will essentially do the same thing, thrust you down a hill. It’s great fun and makes for some epic stacks and stories to tell! On the outskirts of Cunnamulla, you will find naturally formed sand hills, an odd sight from the usual flat, dry and red dirt landscape throughout the majority of Cunnamulla. Sand boarding definitely gets the adrenaline pumping and not only will your muscles be sore the next day, your cheeks will be to! You can find out more about sand boarding at Club Boutique Hotel. If you can squeeze it into your 72 hours in Cunnamulla than we highly recommend!  

Mud Baths Eulo

Not far from Cunnamulla, a mere 67km drive west, you can find yourself relaxing in the outback’s finest artesian mineral enriched mud bath. Fancy a spa day? This is the place to be! Eulo’s Artesian Mud Baths are located on the Adventure Highway. With Sunset viewing tubs now available it is certainly not an attraction to be missed on your trip to Cunnamulla.

Opal fossicking

Fancy fossicking for Australia’s national gem opal?  A little further on from Eulo is Yowah, it is home to the ‘Yowah nut’.  The Yowah nut is an ironstone formation that when cracked open sometimes contains an opal. There is a public fossicking area located in Yowah where you can also hire fossicking equipment such as a picks and buckets. It is a great family day while learning plenty about the opal! You might even get lucky and find an opal that will cover the rest of your holiday costs! 😉

Sunday Roast Campfire Dinner

Depending on what day of the week you are in Cunnamulla we would love to se you at our Sunday Roast Campfire dinner. A perfect end to the week, sing along’s, 3 course meal, good company and a toasty fire! We host them every Sunday at Club Boutique hotel, if you’re unsure, check out our recent blog which contains a video re-cap of the night! I know you won’t be able to say no after watching!

Where to stay eat and drink?

Lastly the biggest question of all, where to stay, eat and drink??? Luckily for you Club Boutique has it all! Enjoy our standard rooms, our two-bedroom suites or if your feeling extra adventurous try out our glamping!  Not only do we have you covered for your beauty sleep, but we have boutique beer and wine tasting every day to! And of course, we always a fully stocked bar. We have daily lunches from $10 and dinner at our restaurant to. Club Boutique is the perfect place to base yourself for a jam packed 72 hours in Cunnamulla or a slow and steady week’s holiday with us. Either way we can’t wait to see you soon!

Don’t forget to check out the maps below to help you plan your trip if your coming from Brisbane or Sydney!

Brisbane to Cunnamulla
Sydney to Cunnamulla

5 places you can glamp in the outback.

GLAMPING. If you’re not on the band wagon, I suggest you get on it. ‘Glamorous camping’ are the only two words you need to know. Yes, we are talking a real bed, décor, lights, soft 5-star linen and of course, luxe shampoo and conditioner. I mean what more do we need to say! If rugged camping isn’t your thing, take note of these 5 places you can glamp in the outback instead.

Number 1: Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla Safari Glamping, QLD

Cunnamulla is 700km west of Brisbane, or a 2 or 3 day drive if you are coming from Adelaide. It is a remote country town, full of life and a perfect spot for your first glamping experience.

At Club Boutique you will experience the night in a boho inspired bell tent. Your tent will be graced with a plush queen bed and soft cosy linen. You have the option to turn it into a family room with the addition of up to 3 single beds. You will be gifted with free Wi-Fi (trust me, you will want to Instagram this spot)! The bar fridge will be stocked with snacks (a selling point on its own) and you will have plenty of tea and coffee for a morning cuppa in bed. As guests you will also be offered a free airport pick up and drop off service to make your stay as smooth as possible. Ready to book? You can do that here. Or alternatively call Club Boutique Hotel on 07 4655 1679.

Number 2: Squeakywindmill Boutique Tent B&B, NT

Onwards and ‘Westward’ from Queensland we stumble into the glamping spots of the NT.  Squeakywindmill Boutique Tent B&B have 3 luxury and eco (double points) glamping tents. While they aren’t your typical boho tepee tents you’ll enjoy a cabin like tent instead. They are located on the edge of the scenic Western MacDonnell Range, boasting with bird life and incredible landscapes.

Number 3: Longitude 131, NT

Longitude 131 is not for the budget traveller, but it is for those after a complete luxe experience. With astonishing views of Uluru from your generously sized tent (or should we say canvas house). Cosy up to your personal fire or curl up on the outdoor day bed to watch the sky become covered in stars. Enjoy a full ensuite bathroom in your tent, and a full sized ultra-comfortable bed. It sounds like a once in a like time splurge!

Number 4: Ikara Safari Camp Wilpena Pound Resort , SA

Located in the beautiful Flinders Ranges, Ikara Safari Camp offers a variety of glamping options. They have glamping tents to suit couples or they have a bigger sized option so you can bring the whole family! There glamping tents feature a fire pit, ensuite bathroom, a private deck and aircon. Yeah that’s right a tent with aircon. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Number 5: Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge, WA

For those venturing on to Western Australia to enjoy everything the Kimberly Region has to offer, Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodge will take care of your glamping needs! They have tented cabins with ensuite’s, hot water and flushing toilets. They boast private decks, and are situated in a secluded spot, perfect for bird watching.

If you haven’t tried glamping yet, we promise you won’t be disappointed! We can also promise that you will never want to stay in your regular tent again. Trust us there is no going back and we aren’t mad about it. What better place to start than with these 5 places to glamp in the outback!

10 Outback travel Tip’s for heading to Cunnamulla and beyond!

If you are planning to visit us at Club Boutique Hotel, heading to Cunnamulla for one of the towns incredible events or just planning an outback adventure, be sure to take note of our top 10 outback tips for travelling bush! It’s important to us that you have a safe an enjoyable trip and get the most out of your country experience. Lets get started with outback travel tip no 1!

Driving in the country is very different to the city. Not only do you have to remember general road rules and how to drive your car (as if that’s not enough 😉). In the country they add wild-life, road trains, longggggg straight roads, dirt roads, potholes, wandering live- stock and km’s after km’s to the mix!

Tip 1: Be prepared on the roads.

Always carry additional / emergency water and fuel in your car. This will help you avoid getting into a sticky situation 100’s of kilometres from the next town. There can often be more kilometres between towns than your cars fuel tank can hold so you may need to fill up with your own supply on the way. It’s also a good option to carry additional fuel in case you mistakenly forget to top up with fuel on your way through town and run out with 200km to go! It happens! Emergency water is another necessity when travelling in the outback, you never know when you may need it. Cars can break down and help can sometimes be hours away. It’s important to have a water supply with you in these unfortunate times!

Tip 2: Try and avoid driving at dawn and dusk

Australia is known for our unique wildlife. The outback is where our native animals thrive and their favourite times to hop, skip and jump are dawn and dusk. They are unpredictable near roads and can change direction very quickly resulting in a very unenjoyable encounter for you, your car and the animal!

It is best to try and avoid driving at these times and if you must, slow down and be very aware that wild life will be out and about.

Outback Travel Tip 3: See skid marks on the road? SLOW DOWN

You will know you are truly in Outback Australia when the fences stop, and cattle begin to freely roam the open landscape. Yes, this includes the road! Not only do you need to be aware of wildlife but now cattle and sheep to. It’s important to be aware that they may be roaming roadside, however there can be clues to help. 

Skid marks on the road, all in the same area, will often mean there is livestock ahead and cars are continually slowing down in this area. Do the same, slow down when approaching the area and be sure all livestock are clear of the road before speeding up again.

Tip 4:   If you are driving off road, check the ground isn’t wet, or even damp, before driving on it

Soil in Cunnamulla, and the rest of the outback, when slightly wet can cause you to get bogged. Getting bogged can be especially difficult when travelling alone as it can take hours for someone to arrive to assist in pulling your car out of the mud. Alternatively, it could take you hours to dig yourself out (the old-fashioned way) Neither are very fun! If you are unsure its best to hop out of the car and check if the ground is damp, wet or soft as you could sink. This also applies even if you are driving a 4WD, you may get further but you won’t be immune to the wet soil!

Tip 5: When driving on dirt roads, don’t pull over and immediately open your car door’s (unless you want a car full of dust!)

One of the first things you will notice when you start driving on the outback roads is the dust! A big trail of dust! If you’d like to get home with a clean car (well at least clean on the inside) make sure when you pull over on the side of the road, let the dust cloud pass your car before opening your doors! You won’t end up with dust in your car or mouth!

Outback Travel Tip 6:  Don’t park your car, camper or put your tent up under gumtree’s.

Gumtree’s are known to drop their branches frequently and unexpectedly so be sure not to set up camp under them or you might be in for a rough night’s sleep.

Tip 7:  Put your camp fire’s out!

 I think one of the best parts about camping in the outback is campfires. Keeping you cosy in the winter and ‘who can cook the best marshmellow’ competitions always get the rivalries going! It is important to always obey the rules when having a campfire, read the signs and know the fire restrictions of your area. If you are lucky enough to have a fire, be sure to put it out the following day before you leave. Just don’t use your emergency water 😉.  It keeps the area safe for the next campers and ensures the fire won’t continue to burn unsupervised when you leave.

Outback Travel Tip 8:  Wear closed in shoes when hiking or in the bush.

Another wonderful thing Australia is known for is our snakes, spiders, and other creepy crawlies. While it’s not likely you will be bitten, it can happen, and you should always take precautions to reduce the possibility. Wearing closed in shoes when hiking, walking, running, or pretty much whenever you can will help ensure our not so friendly friends won’t nibble on your feet!

Tip 9: Carry a First Aid kit at all times.

Travelling the outback is all about being prepared for the unlikely! You should always have a first aid kit in your car and one packed in your bag when venturing away such a hiking. Another general safety tip to keep in mind is to let a family member or friend know your itinerary before you leave and your expected arrival time at each location. Be sure to update your contact each time you reach mobile service as reception can be very scarce or almost non-existent between towns. Emergency frequency channels are noted on road signs so be sure to write them down in case of emergency.

Tip 10: Be prepared for THE FLIES

Along with our snakes and spiders the outback has an abundance of flies! By abundance I mean millions (probably billions). And boy are they annoying!! Flies in your food, buzzing around your eyes, ears and often unfortunately end up down your throat! An entertaining experience for those who don’t swallow the fly but not so much when it’s you. The best thing you can do is be prepared. Don’t do the typical Aussie “I’ll be right” “I can just shoo them away” it doesn’t quite work (if you can’t tell I’m speaking from personal experience) BUY A FLY VEIL – your trip will be much more comfortable!!


Hopefully our 10 Outback Tips for Travelling don’t deter you from experiencing the outback. It is a truly incredible place with beautiful scenery and an abundance of unique experiences, (including the flies) These are the things that make the outback one of a kind! We look forward to seeing you in Cunnamulla and beyond (along with your emergency water 😉

Cunnamulla this weekend: Saluting the stars of yesterday today.

What’s on at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla this weekend?
After a very successful ‘Slim Dusty Day’ last week and some great weekend activities we are back for round two… and three! This weekend, and next, we will be Saluting the Stars of yesterday over dinner, beer and good vibes. Get all the info below.

Friday the 21st of June: Saluting the Stars of yesterday, today.
Kicking off your weekend early and in typical country style, Club Boutique is hosting Scott Dann and Renae Joy to sing you into Saturday. They will be bringing you the best of your favourite artists including hits from Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, Elvis, The Pretenders, Adele, The Corrs, Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac. While you reminisce on old times, you can enjoy your main meal with flavours from our Australian menu. A delicious dessert will follow, and we can assure you won’t want to leave after!  Your meal, dessert, entertainment and entry into the lucky door prize, valued at over AUD100, is all included in your $45p.p ticket. Event runs from 6.30pm – 11pm,  Booking are essential and can be made here: https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/5ff7fb5c-103a-4659-9575-f1dfaeaef0d1?Event=102022 Have you got other things planned this Friday? No need to change your plans! We’ve ensured everyone will be able to enjoy this incredible night of entertainment! We have a second show the following week, Saturday the 29th June which you can book here: https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/710d2a15-3e27-4f08-abe9-c534970500d9?Event=102024

Saturday 22nd June: All about country Dinner and Show
The likes of Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, Michael Buble and Fleetwood Mac don’t tickle your fancy? Join us on Saturday instead 6.30pm – 11pm, for a different line up of old hits. Enjoy the same delicious meal and company but to tunes of Allan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Connie Francis and Patsy Cline. If these artists still don’t hit the spot, then all we can say is you’ve got a bad taste in music! 😉 Book here for Saturday: https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/8cb0da2c-985c-42c6-b6be-f8238e287c63?Event=102018

If you are out of town this weekend or need another reason to stay in Cunnamulla, we will be hosting the same dinner and show next Friday night, the 28th. For 45p.p come and have a great night! Booking essential and can be made at this link, https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/728ac57a-9e16-4500-8c5d-8285a346b405?Event=102020

As you may already know we have our regular weekly events at Club Boutique Hotel including lunch, dinner, Saturday markets, beer and wine tasting and campfire dinner and show. You can see all the details below to come along and enjoy these great activities.

Every Sunday we host a campfire dinner and show for $30p.p. You get a gourmet 3 course outback roast dinner and will be serenaded by country tunes and mesmerised by the fire. It is a great way to experience the outback and chat with locals and other travellers. This week we’ve included a video of last week’s guests enjoying the night. You can book this week’s campfire dinner and show at this link, https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/cda15464-ba0c-470a-90a2-04906306323e?Event=103487

Saturday Markets are the perfect place to treat yourself! We have cakes, biscuits, slices, all the goodies you can imagine. If you’re not into sweets (we’d say you’re crazy) we also have art, clothing, jewellery, jams and chutneys too! These start 10am Saturday’s.

Club Boutique hosts daily lunches and dinners. Lunch runs from 12 – 2pm with specials from $10. You’d be crazy not to pair this with our craft beer and wine tasting from 4pm –5.30pm which you can book here: https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR3fZ5mVR46eXjzAABUTj2bjIL6a6zWTSmlfbbqnshIos5nf13Mlj4cL-Xc If that’s not enough join us each night for dinner from 6-8pm.

Top things to do in Cunnamulla this week

Whether you are a Cunnamulla local or have simply found yourself venturing our way for a genuine outback experience, you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer this week. Good food, quality entertainment and great company are the top of the list this week and every week!

Thursday 13th June
First on the agenda we have Slim Dusty Day. Celebrate the Australian cultural icon with us the only way we know how, over a beer and his country tunes. We have brewed a specialty craft beer for the occasion A Pale Ale red in colour with a cloudy tone just like the dusty outback areas he entertained with his great music.” Don’t forget your boot scootin’ shoes to show off your moves for a chance at the ‘best boot scooter’ prize. Top off the look with your slim dusty hat and you will be sure to fit right in! Entertainment kicking off at 12 midday. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor at Club Boutique Hotel.

Saturday 15th June
No need to miss your Saturday sleep in to make this weekend’s events, plenty of time for that extra hour sleep and morning cuppa before venturing out and about.  Starting at 10am we have the Club Boutique Hotel local markets. You will find delicious food, clothing and jewellery stalls, homemade jams and chutneys, local photography, craft beer tasting and wine tasting. As always there will be great outback entertainment and if you are looking for a chat there is no better place then the Club Boutique Hotel markets. Have a chat with the locals and immerse yourself in our lifestyle for the day, we have plenty of stories, advice and tourist tips to share. A perfect place to bring friends and family this weekend.  You can find the markets event page here with some additional information. https://www.clubboutiquehotel.com/eventbrite-event/markets-club-boutique-hotel-cunnamulla-2-3/

Sunday 16th June
There is no better way to wrap up the weekend than sitting around a campfire for a roast dinner and show. Listen to stories and be mesmerised by the music all while cozying up to fire. Sound like the perfect night for you? Wait until you hear the 3-course menu; Homemade soup, roast meat, potatoes, pumpkin, peas and gravy. Followed by some of you old time favourite desserts. From 6 – 8pm for $30pp it’s a sure way to top off your outback experience and spend your Sunday evening. You can book here: https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/outlet/event/8da57041-73db-424a-83e1-9b02ccff21ec?Event=103482

Club Boutique is the place to be, not only do we have a weekend jam packed of unique outback events and experience’s, but we continue to offer our daily lunches, beer and wine tasting and dinner. Maybe you are looking for something a little less adventurous, or in need of a night in?  Join us for lunch, an afternoon beer or dinner instead. Lunch is from 12pm – 2pm with the offer of a $10 special, a lunch not to be missed. At the prime time of 4.00pm – 5.30pm every day we have our craft beer and wine tasting which you can book your desired date directly here, https://clubboutiquehotel.oztix.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR0BvNNXvCjrTco9cF46IOKPzc5f443uFzP4VrI6XUraXJxZPYC3N59ls98 Lastly,  dinner is served from 6-8pm every night at Club Boutique Hotel. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our love for the outback at Club Boutique Hotel this week!