Cunnamulla Accommodation Live Australia’s Story with Tristan Evert

Cunnamulla Accommodation Story G’day everyone, my name’s Tristan Evert and I’m the newest addition to the Out the Back Australia team which includes the heritage Club Boutique Hotel top quality Cunnamulla Accommodation. I am a qualified journalist after completing a degree in journalism at Griffith University on the sunny, Gold Coast.  I was born and raised on the Gold Coast, however have enjoyed numerous travels west to Queensland’s Outback, with family in both Cunnamulla and Winton.  This fun outback travel has inspired me to share the many unbelievable, authentic outback adventures I have had.

I am passionate about sport and travel and I will use my skill and love of writing to take you on a journey to Outback Queensland to live Australia’s Story by unearthing the history.  On the way I will share the secret locations, the best adventures and the biggest characters Outback Queensland and Cunnamulla has to offer starting with members of my own family.

Full of knowledge that births from a rich history in the far reaches of the Australian outback.

It is quite amazing when you discover that two locations in Queensland’s Outback that are close to the heart of my family being Winton and Cunnamulla have strong links going back to the late 1800’s and here is a little about this Australian Story.

My great great grandparents, Catherine O’Rioden and William Robert Clayton were both drovers that toured the rugged landscape of Australia with regular routes from Wellington in New South Wales to Boulia in Queensland. Originally from Ireland, Ms O’Rioden boarded a ship in sight of Australia out of desperation, however was shipwrecked in the red sea. She was rescued and given a job in the North Gregory Hotel Winton when she met another Irish lady named Norah Howard who was the owner of the Boulia Hotel.  Later Mrs Howard wrote to Catherine inviting her to move to Boulia and work for her at the Boulia Hotel.  Catherine quickly accepted and made the journey to Boulia and this is where she met William Robert Clayton and married.

The pair called Bourke, Hungerford, Thargomindah and Cunnamulla home as they travelled constantly around, running hotels and droving cattle for themselves and others. At one stage they were droving 500 head of cattle towards Bourke when they ran into the legendary Sir Sidney Kidman,’ who offered them a fortune for their cattle.  Over the years they had many encounters with Sir Sidney Kidman as they drove cattle for him and sold him a property they owned including Currawinya which is now a national park and great tourist attraction.  My great Grandmother often recalled conversations between her father and Sir Sidney with one being a tongue lashing to her father as her brother Bill was riding in a saddle with a broken tree.  When you hear stories of the legendary Sir Sidney Kidman you instantly get an image of a big strong man however Gran often recalled that Sir Sydney had a really squeaky voice and was small.

Born in Bourke, my great grandmother Margaret Clayton (nee Emery) grew up on the droving trails, sleeping under the stars every night, a real kid of the outback. There were not many if any luxuries and they made a new camp every night which was deemed upmarket if there was a kitchen made from Gidyea posts and old kerosene tins.  In school we were taught history that often included bushrangers however my great Grandmother Margaret and her mother actually lived much of Australia’s Story and would often reminisce about having tea with the Mrs Hall, the wife (or ex wife) of famous bushranger Ben Hall.

A regular route was from Bourke to Thargomindah via Hungerford and back in those days Hungerford the town located on the boarder gate between New South Wales and Queensland had two hotels.  Margaret was 15 and had just completed her schooling at the Catholic School in Bourke when her mother Catherine purchased the Commercial Hotel in Hungerford.  At the time it was busy with high numbers of drovers, shearers, bullockies, Cobb & Co Coaches and swagies making their way for work.  Today the hotel is long gone and only the Royal Mail Hotel stands in what has become an isolated and quiet place on the boarder gate.  This may well be where her granddaughter Peieta Mills drew her inspiration to re-open and renovate the historic Cunnamulla accommodation at Club Boutique Hotel that often hosted royalty.

At age 17 Margaret drew a Thargomindah property in a ballot and the family settled and worked it.  At the age of 26 Margaret Clayton married Steven Emery, from Thargomindah whom was known to everyone as Bub. The Emery family were know as mail contractors running mail trucks all around the district which was often referred to as ball bearing droving.  Together Gran & Grandad Bub had five children, Peg Campbell (nee Emery), Tom Emery, Elsie Burke (nee Emery), June Evert (nee Emery) who is my Grandmother and Chris Mills (nee Emery) who is Peieta’s mother.  In 1943 the family moved to Cunnamulla, where Bub began operating his own mail runs and developed a wool carting business. Margret became well known to all in Cunnamulla and was fondly called Gran by many. A true outback icon that spent her 96 years of life in the outback.

This diverse and extensive outback family history provides me with an extremely unique insight into outback culture, characters and life that I will enjoy sharing with my audience via my Tristan Evert Journalist articles. Full of amazing tales and adventurous stories, you will be left wanting more.

I come from a long line of country icons that have done some extraordinary things. I am an Evert and the Evert family were explorers, trail blazers and innovators with a passion for Australia, Outback Queensland and the Queensland town of Winton.   My great uncle Vince Evert was a visionary, originally the owner and picture show man, running one of the last open air theatres in Australia before furthering his enormous passion for open cut opal mining. He took the opal and travelled around the world, realising the enormous potential in over seas markets. He visited places like Japan and America showcasing opal and slowly creating the company now known as Evert Fine Jewellery. In the early days he would often bring people from all around the world to his fields and give them the outback Queensland experience, an early example of outback tours.

Vince, as well as his two brothers Neale and Peter are famous for promoting outback Queensland and they saw opal as an opportunity to bring people out. The trio journeyed all over the outback promoting tourism in their home town of Winton as the future that would keep the bush alive. No one believed Vince but he had tremendous vision and faith and because he was so highly regarded people followed his lead. Vince has since passed on but has a prestigious tourism award named after him, the Outback Tourism Queensland Association’s Vince Evert Award. Not only the Evert side of the family are prominent in outback Queensland, my other side of the family also hosts some quite spectacular outback figures and characters.

You can expect scandals, love, loss, war, peace, struggles, achievement, adventures, history characters and progress. Everything that makes the outback great, that unbreakable spirit, amazing country mateship and a never give up fight for survival.

Something that everyone should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. If you’re searching for an unbelievable, authentic outback adventure then come on this written journey with me until you are inspired to make your own booking into the Club Boutique Hotel the best Cunnamulla accommodation along the way. Meet the locals, experience nature and discover the wonderful secrets of Cunnamulla and Outback Queensland.

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Top Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

If great service and all the extra comforts you could wish for are appealing then the place to stay in Cunnamulla during the annual Cunnamulla Fella Festival is Club Boutique Hotel. 

Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla offers top Cunnamulla accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival and other events held in the area.  You can guarantee you will get a great night sleep in our beautiful comfy beds with fluffy cloud like pillows and pristine five star bed linen.

Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

Club Boutique Hotel is the most luxurious Cunnamulla accommodation and is perfectly located in the center of the Cunnamulla CBD making it the perfect home base.  

Just five minutes walk to all major attractions in Cunnamulla you can securely park your car, have a cold drink in the hotel bar or restaurant and walk to all the Cunnamulla Fella festival events in a matter of minutes.

Word has spread about the great country hospitality offered at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla and during the festival it becomes a fun hub to meet and mix with other travellers, rodeo riders and locals.Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

With beautiful gardens, a large verandah that wraps around the front of the hotel and a great restaurant Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla is a great place to meet friends, dine or simply chill out between events at Cunnamulla Fella Festival.  

Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival

Wake up in time to view the perfect outback sunrise or enjoy a beer or glass of wine while taking in the sunset.

Saturday will provide the perfect festival and market atmosphere as locals sell their wares around the hotel including bric a brac, antiques and collectables, home made cakes, slices tarts, jams and chutney.  The perfect gift or souvenir to take home and they are guaranteed Yum!

Local musician Rueben Birchley will create the perfect backdrop sharing his musical talents as he sings and plays the guitar and Ukulele.  Originally from Brisbane some say that music is in fact in the blood of this primary school teacher.  The son of a concert pianist and music teacher, Reuben began playing the cello at age 8, the guitar at 13 and, since those times, has a huge range of genres including hip-hop anthems, pop songs, rock and folk ballads.

So remember if your looking for the best outback adventure on your travels book Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla Accommodation for Cunnamulla Fella Festival 2018!

American Twitchers do Cunnamulla in search of Raptors

By Tristan Evert 14/10/2016

Twelve bright-eyed and bushy-tailed American twitchers and one South American twitcher descended upon Cunnamulla, chasing the elusive Grey Falcon. The birding group stayed a duration of three days from Monday the 10th until Thursday the 13th in search of the rare specimen. The Grey Falcon was no where to be found however, the list of other unique birds was still spectacular. These birds include: all three eagles and nests, Australian Kestrels, Black Falcon, Whistling Kite, Black Kites, Black Breasted Buzzard and the Australian Hobby.

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AUSTRALIAN HOBBY Cunnamulla area

The group made a wise decision accommodating at the Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla as the local knowledge confirmed all the best birding sports, including the renowned Bowra Station. Tour Leader and Professional Bird Photographer Sergio Seipke said they were highly satisfied with their bird encounters in Cunnamulla. “Cunnamulla is a true gateway to the authentic outback for raptor watching and compared to anywhere I have travelled, Cunnamulla rates pretty darn good,” Mr. Seipke said.

Birding, Birds, Australian native birds, Twitchers, Raptor, Birdwatching, Cunnamulla, Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla, Cunnamulla Accommodation, Cunnamulla Restaurant

American twitchers in Cunnamulla at Club Boutique Hotel

The group came from far and wide following their passion for birds. They came from four locations in Washington and one from Argentina. For one of the group leaders Bill however, it wasn’t his first trip to Cunnamulla. On their last night, the group experienced a classic outback campfire, where they were entertained by local school teacher, Reuben Birchley and accompanied by a selection of Australian songs that added to what was an already amazing stay.

Birding, Birds, Australian native birds, Twitchers, Raptor, Birdwatching, Cunnamulla, Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla, Cunnamulla Accommodation, Cunnamulla Restaurant

American twitchers at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla accommodation

The group of twitchers presented a short speech before departing, explaining to hotel duo, Peieta and Carla Mills, that their venue was truly spectacular because of what they put in to it. They continued to mention that their stay at the Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla was a stand out across their many adventures and that they honestly felt right at home. The group also said they could see how the hotel values the community because of the numerous thanks you cards on the wall from various charity groups that received donations from the Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla. The group then presented Peieta with an envelope to pass on to a local charity or group of her choice. Managing Director of Out the Back Australia Peieta Mills said that despite Out the Back Australia Tours and Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla regularly hosting European tourists it was the first group of Americans. “It has been a demanding and exciting few days and both Carla and I are overjoyed with the positive feedback and appreciation for our efforts. We look forward to hosting them again next year,” Ms. Mills said.

Birding, Birds, Australian native birds, Twitchers, Raptor, Birdwatching, Cunnamulla, Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla, Cunnamulla Accommodation, Cunnamulla Restaurant, Cunnamulla State School,

Principal Cunnamulla State School Karen Campbell and Performing Arts champion Tahni Thomas with cash from American twitchers.

Cunnamulla State School principal Karen Campbell and Performing Arts team leader Tahni Thomas were ecstatic when Peieta Mills delivered the envelope of cash for the schools performing arts department. The performing arts program has been up and running for the past two years, coordinated by Rachel Biggs and run by Sydney based actor Peter Cook. The wonderful opportunity to get involved with the arts was pounced on by a number of students. Students that became the pride of Cunnamulla after taking out the overall prize at the Charleville Eisteddfod. Mrs. Campbell was over the moon with the donation. “It is with great thanks we accept the money and how wonderful is it that American twitchers would donate money to help us improve our town,” Ms Campbell said.

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Craft Beer Tasting Cunnamulla

The craft beer tasting Cunnamulla night at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla offered a variety of James Squire and/or Little Creatures beers paired with matching cheeses.

Each guest was able to purchase a paddle of four beers at a time and learn about the brewery history, beer making techniques and flavours of each beer. Additionally there were notes relating to each cheese and why it suited different types of beer. Customers were able to develop their palates and maybe even find their new favourite beer.

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Featured in Out There Magazine

Club Boutique Hotel recently had the wonderful pleasure of hosting travel writer, Guy Wilkinson, and taking him on a tour around the Cunnamulla region. We explored the Yowah opal mines, the Eulo Date Farm & Winery, Bowra, Charlotte Plains, Rocky Station, and more. Along the way, Guy captured many eye-catching images with his lens.

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Mother’s Day High Tea Cunnamulla

The Mother’s Day High Tea at the Club Boutique Hotel was a lovely afternoon full of decadent sweets, finger sandwiches, tea, coffee and sparkling wine! The Sunday afternoon in the Club Boutique Hotel’s restaurant was filled was 20 guests who spent the afternoon chatting, eating, drinking and smelling the sensational roses. Our unique high tea platters received glowing compliments and our bakers created culinary delights that tantalized the taste buds. Each guest received a complimentary jar of roses on their departure to conclude their delightful afternoon. We thank everyone who joined us for high tea and hope to see you again soon.

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Tulloch Wines Develops Pallets at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla

Despite being on the same night as the State of Origin, the 177 year old Tulloch winery travelled from the Hunter Valley to Cunnamulla to develop the pallets of locals attending a wine tasting at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla on Wednesday 27th May 2015.

The Cunnamulla event attracted over 80 locals who jumped at the opportunity to learn more about food and wine. International German Chef, Manuel Merkle, head chef at Club Boutique Hotel Cunnamulla put together a three-course menu designed to compliment the range of wines on offer by Tulloch. Carla Mills refreshed her cooking skills as she assisted Manuel for the events catering.

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What’s on offer?

The Club Boutique Hotel offers newly renovated hotel rooms and suites with excellent services & amenities. This luxury Cunnamulla hotel is situated a in the heart of the CBD and offers free WiFi and on-site parking. Not only does the Club Boutique Hotel offer the best Cunnamulla accommodation for business and leisure travellers, but also has the only fine-dining restaurant in Cunnamulla.

Club Boutique Hotel’s Cunnamulla restaurant offers a diverse menu to suit all tastes in addition to a well stocked bar offering a great variety of local and imported beers, wines and spirits. This Cunnamulla hotel and restaurant offers catering for events & functions, venue hire, and weekly restaurant specials.

We take care of it all so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our Cunnamulla all-inclusive accommodation packages ensure our guests can just relax, unwind and enjoy our warm outback hospitality. If you’re not sure of things to do in Cunnamulla, our tour-booking desk can provide you with local tourist information as well as Cunnamulla day tours and activities.

The Club Boutique Hotel offers quality accommodation combined with excellent service and luxury.